BetaClock is an application that enhances your tray clock functionality
1.0.17 (See all)

BetaClock is a great clock and time management application that enhances your tray clock functionality (tray clock) with fully customizable clock display, time synchronization or popup calendar, desktop enhancement. It have Some key features Atomic time synchronization, Synchronize clock with Internet Atomic Time Servers, Powerful Calendar feature,Tooltip customization,Copy-to-clipboard.

Preferences dialog gathers options for the tray clock, tooltip shown at hovering your mouse, copy to clipboard, calendar, desktop clock, Internet time or for customizing the behavior of the entire application. There is no difficulty in neither of the actions and all settings are to any user's understanding, regardless of the skills.

For the tray clock you get to set the time zone and the layout, which involves configuring the format string, background (you can add your own image) and margin. The options for all these settings will be available the moment the choice is made. Calendar settings provide choice regarding its type (single month, quarter, half year or yearly) and layout. You can also personalize it and add more months to be shown or set the number of months in a row. Layout options refer only to the font used, its size and format and color coding the elements included (current month's days, present day, week numbers, caption, background, etc.).

BetaClock is easy to configure and offers a myriad of combinations for displaying information in tray clock area. It can automatically adjust the clock to atomic time and provides much more options with regards to calendar display.

Daniel Mantilla
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